Whether directly or indirectly, fraud affects everyone as it drives prices higher – this, of course, includes increased insurance premiums! Together we can help to reduce the millions that are lost every year. Learn how to recognize and report suspected fraud. There are many scenarios. For example, in the auto industry, a driver and body shop worker might corroborate to inflate an auto damage claim and share in the profit. A driver might stage a fake, or at worse a minor accident; then have a corrupt doctor submit bogus medical claims for extreme injuries. They may carry it out even further by having a ruthless lawyers, sue for unnecessary damages or pain and suffering! Similarly, a driver could stop with out warning, for no apparent reason, in an area where there are no witnesses, then proceed to back up into you. When the police arrive, however, the story changes and you, following too closely, ran into the back of them! Usually, medical fraud claims result from this, as well.

Homeowner’s have their share of scenarios, too. There is, of course, the the homeowner that fakes, or inflates, a loss from a burglary. The fire that was purposefully set, as apposed to an accident. And various maintenance claims that were not actually accidents but ongoing wear and tear issues. The following link is straight from the Department of Financial Services website on how to be more aware of home repair scammers that fix things that don’t need to be fixed:


If you suspect you have been the victim of any of these scenarios, you can report the fraudulent activity to The Department Of Financial Services by phone at 1-800-342-3736, by fax at 212-709-3558, or by mail:

Department of Financial Services

Insurance Fraud  Bureau

One State Street

New York, NY 10004

A fraud investigator will follow up with you; and all matters will be kept confidential.

Together we can make a difference.