Defensive Driving Classes

We have been teaching the Defensive Driving and Point Reduction class for twelve years now. We continue to teach it because it saves lives! We feel we have made a difference in the lives of many people:  It has given peace of mind to parents who have had to let go and trust as they watch their children drive off. It has re-educated those with misguided attitudes, and those lacking in knowledge to begin with. It refreshes the knowledge that we, with years experience, have forgotten over time, and brings people together to share in what a daunting responsibility being on the road can be! Bottom line, though, is it saves people money, and at Adirondack Family Insurance, we are all about that! For an updated list of when and where the next classes will be held, check out our schedule at

CARCO Photo Inspection

In order to fight fraud, New York State’s insurance industry now requires photo inspections on used vehicles 7 years or newer. In the past, scammers were able to purchase old Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) from junk yards, register and insure them, then claim a total loss accident on these “Phantom” cars. Through CARCO inspections, we can validate that the car truly does exist, and communicate to companies if there is prior damage, just in case someone plans on putting a fraudulent claim in that way, as well. By fighting fraud at every level, we are able to keep everyone’s rates down. There is no charge for you to get these photos done. It is just another way we choose to serve in our community. Photos can be done 10:00 – 4:00 Monday – Friday (weather permitting) and Saturdays by appointment. Call: 518-350-4000.

Five Hour Pre-License Classes

We also provide the Five Hour Pre-Licensing class for those who are looking to get their license for the first time. That being a frustrating, nerve racking, and most definitely exciting, milestones in most people’s lives, we at Adirondack Family Insurance, want to try an offer a little sanity and peace of mind where we can!  For more information on these class schedules, and in-car driving lessons, please call 518-665-0649.

Community Involvement

At Adirondack Family Insurance, we are involved in the community in a variety of ways. Through the Defensive Driving Classes we have been able to raise money for various groups: Shelters of Saratoga, Saratoga High School’s traveling bands, Cancer fund raisers, different church missionary groups and children’s retreats. We serve at the Shelters of Saratoga regularly, are part of the Adopt a Soldier and Toys for Tots campaigns, and work through the Saratoga and Southern Saratoga Chambers (and other Networking groups) to bring strength and change to our community for the greater good.