Auto Insurance

If you own a car, and it is licensed in the great state of New York, you are required to maintain liability insurance (to protect the “other guy”) and no-fault medical insurance (to protect you, your passengers, and any pedestrian that you might possibly injure). Everything else is optional – but the options are endless. Even with in the coverage that are mandatory, a plethora of options are available. Every exposure is different, every person unique. To offer blanket coverage, as some companies do, is just not right. In this world of on-line everything, purchasing insurance that way can be dangerous. Having an advocate to explain the nuisances of insurance and shop the reputable companies for you is the better way to go.

At Adirondack Family Insurance, helping to educate and protect you family is our number one priority!

Home Insurance

Your home is probably your second most significant asset; you, of course, are number one! How much coverage is enough? What kind of “riders” – attachments to the policy that expand your coverage to include specific exposures – will I need? What if someone trips and falls on my stairs? What if I throw a party and someone leaves my house drunk? How do I cover myself for this exposure? What about pipes freezing, the weight of ice and snow collapsing my fence or shed? The challenges of finding the right coverage at the right price can be daunting. At Adirondack Family Insurance, we have been there for our clients that have had to deal with exactly those issues. We know the risks and know how to protect you!

We will help you wade through the endless options to find the perfect solution to your family’s needs!

Life Insurance

As stated before:  You are your most important asset! To your family, you are critical. If something was to happen to you or your other half, are you sure they would be okay? This does not just apply to the event of an untimely death. What if you had an accident and were laid up? What if you were permanently disabled? Or even worse, what if you developed a critical illness or had a stroke? How would you and your family get through any of these scenarios? At Adirondack Family Insurance we have products to address every single one of these concerns. Whether it is life insurance, accident and disability insurance, long term care or a critical illness; our family has yours covered. The goal should never be to “see it through” or ” tough it out”.

The goal should always be total peace of mind because you had the foresight to prepare and provide. We are ready to help!

Health Insurance

Is there a more confusing product out there than Health Insurance these days! It is expensive no matter how you slice it. Choosing between providers is a dubious task. Regulations and requirements are ever changing. Yet one simple accident, one ex-ray or MRI, one critical diagnosis and the threat of bankruptcy could be around the corner; health insurance is just one of those things you just can’t afford to be without! At Adirondack Family Insurance, we will sift through all of the confusion to help you find the coverage that is right for you.

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Peace of mind is everything – Don’t leave home without it!